December 29, 2015

As any good periodontist in Chicago, IL will tell you, knowing the difference between available dental treatments is an essential component of making an informed decision. This is especially true when it comes to gum disease treatments, which typically entail laser gum surgery or traditional surgical procedures.

How can you determine which option is right for you? Along with the input of a qualified dental professional, the following information can help you make sense of the differences between laser and traditional treatments.

 Understanding the Pros and Cons of Gum Disease Treatments

The most significant difference between laser gum surgery and traditional treatments has much to do with the way each procedure is performed. Traditional surgeries entail cutting away damaged tissue, which is then sutured back together. As expected, this can involve quite of bit of discomfort, as well as the need for pain medication once surgery is completed. Conversely, laser treatments do away with the damage caused by gum disease while also leaving healthy tissues intact. Not only does this decrease the amount of pain experienced, it also cuts back on recovery time.

Another difference between these procedures involves the effects laser treatment has on bone growth. Regeneration of bone is imperative to keeping teeth intact, as bone deterioration is a major component in tooth loss. Traditional treatments have no effect on underlying bone, meaning that even after the procedure is performed tooth loss may persist. Additionally, traditional treatments often result in a lowered gum line, which many patients find to be unappealing aesthetically.

Keep Your Smile Healthy and Happy for the Duration

 No matter what type of treatment you ultimately choose, Dr. Amarik Singh of Periodontal Implant Associates has the expertise necessary to address a variety of dental issues, from remedying gum disease to wisdom tooth removal. That’s why those in search of a reliable periodontist in Chicago, IL looks to this top-notch office when seeking the very best in dental treatments.  Call (630) 233-9278 to schedule your appointment today.



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