January 14, 2017

Laser gum therapy is a hot topic in dental circles, and many patients go out of their way to be treated by general dentists who are qualified to utilize laser dentistry. But, is laser gum therapy really worthy of all the hype? Read the following benefits laser therapy provides, then decide for yourself if it lives up to its reputation.

Reduced Gum Recession Risk

If gum disease is left untreated, it eventually eats away at the gum tissue and can cause it to noticeably recede. Over time, severely receded gums can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and tooth loss. Receiving laser gum therapy for periodontal disease can help reduce your gum recession risk by treating the underlying cause.

Faster Recovery

Laser gum treatments are surprisingly gentle, and they cause minimal trauma to the sensitive tissues of the mouth. As a result, patients who receive laser-based gum disease treatments generally recover more quickly than those who receive traditional treatments.

Improved Bone Health

Laser therapy has been shown to stimulate the roots of the teeth and support healthy bone. It is also the only gum disease treatment that has been shown to encourage regrowth and reattachment of supportive bone tissue.

Minimal Pain and Discomfort

Laser therapy is gentler and more precise than traditional gum disease treatments. There are no incisions made during laser treatments, and sutures are not necessary to seal off the treatment area, since the laser itself seals the area and prevents bacteria from entering.

Reduced Bleeding

Those who receive laser gum therapy experience less bleeding when compared with those who receive traditional scalpel treatments. Additionally, laser therapy is associated with a lower risk of complications than other common treatments.

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