November 22, 2016

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. There is no better time to ensure that you have healthy gums. Diabetes can cause complications in your oral health, so be sure to schedule regular visits with Dr. Robert Friedberg.
Diabetes and Gum Disease Are Linked
Not only can diabetes put you at a greater risk for developing gum disease, oral problems can make it more difficult to control your diabetes. Because the influence these issues have go both directions, it is vital that you get treatment. Diabetics suffer from greater risk of infection. This, combined with the potential for gum inflammation, dry mouth, and slow oral healing, makes it much easier for gum disease to develop. If you are diabetic, it is up to you to maintain your teeth and keep your mouth healthy so the chances of disease are as low as possible. Of course, Dr. Friedberg can help, so come in and learn more about the connection between diabetes and gum disease.
The Need for Periodontal Maintenance
Gum disease is essentially caused by the buildup of bacteria that is in plaque. No matter how committed you are to your oral health at home, it is impossible to remove this bacterial completely. Periodontal maintenance will remove what you cannot, eliminating plague, calculus, and the bacteria caused by these buildups. Additionally, after you have treatment for existing gum disease, it as important as ever to receive periodontal maintenance to keep it from returning. This kind of treatment is especially important if you have diabetes.
Come See Dr. Friedberg
Every patient needs to have periodontal maintenance done at different frequencies. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Friedberg so he can examine your mouth and give you advice on how often is necessary for you. We would be happy to help explain everything you need to know about gum health, how diabetes affects your mouth, and periodontal maintenance.



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