April 20, 2016

It’s April, which means it is officially Oral Cancer Awareness Month. The office of Dr. Behner is dedicated to detecting any oral health problems as soon as possible so they do not escalate out of control. A timely response is needed in order to increase the likelihood of successful treatment. Some oral cancer symptoms in Fishers, IN indicate that the disease is still in the early stages, so if you notice the following issues, see Dr. Behner right away.


Unexplained Tooth Shifting

Your teeth may slowly begin to shift out of place if one of them goes missing or if you suffer from extreme gum disease. However, they may also change position if you develop oral cancer. Regardless of the reason your teeth are shifting, you should see a dental professional, but if there is no readily visible reason for why it is happening, then oral cancer may be the culprit.


Oral Bleeding

Excessive oral bleeding is another symptom you should watch out for. It should never be considered normal for your mouth to bleed, and you should seek medical attention if bleeding does not stop or occurs in excess.


Excessive Swelling

If oral cancer develops, then you may also notice that the surface of your oral structures have begun to swell. Progressive swelling can also occur from a number of other health problems, but it is always best to get a proper diagnosis so you can be certain of your diagnosis.


White or Red Patches

Ulcers that do not heal are a serious health issue. These unattractive patches may be the result of something else. You should consider them to be serious if they do not go away within two weeks.


Contact Our Dentist Immediately

Other symptoms exist for oral cancer, but you should see Dr. Behner as soon as something out of the ordinary occurs. Call us at 317-348-3932 if you have oral cancer symptoms in Fishers, IN so you can get started on the path to recovery.



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