December 2, 2015

People with Diabetes beware. There is a new health threat on the horizon and its name is gum disease. This is one condition that does not play nicely with your teeth and gums. The bacteria that destroys healthy teeth and gums loves it when your blood sugar levels are out of whack, because it provides fuel for growth. To prevent gum disease from reigning supreme, you need to see a periodontist in Chicago, IL for treatment.

Gain Better Control Over Your Blood Sugar

Being a diabetic does not automatically mean you will end up with gum disease. But, if you do not do a good job at managing your sugars, there is a good chance you will. Diabetes is a systemic disease, while gum disease is not. Gum disease destroys healthy gum and bone tissue in the mouth, while diabetes affects the nerves and blood vessels of the body, causing widespread damage and injury, if one does not get treatment to improve their glycemic control.

When sugar levels remain high and out of control in your body, they cause a big shift in the type of bacteria that lives inside of your mouth. It creates a hostile environment for the good bacteria and an ideal one for the bad bacteria. The longer your teeth and gums are exposed to the bad environment, the more damage they will sustain.

You Do Not Have to Live With Gum Disease

Having diabetes does not mean you have to live with gum disease. There are treatment options available that will not interfere with your diabetes. In fact, if you were to gain better control over your blood sugars and get regular dental care, you can significantly reduce the chances of gum disease dangers reoccurring.

Do not let diabetes destroy your health or smile any longer. If you suspect you have gum disease or are ready to start treatment, contact Periodontal Implant Associates at (630) 233-9278 to see Dr. Amarik Singh, DDS.



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