March 14, 2018

Whenever you go the hospital, you plan on seeing a doctor. In reality, the provider evaluating you might be an intensivist, a neurologist or a cardiologist. Yet to you, he or she is a doctor. The same is often true with dentists. Thus, when you encounter the need for implant dentistry, you might simply search for dentists in your area that offer such a service. Yet is such a provider the right one for you?

Differences Between Dentists and Periodontists

When researching dental providers, you may find that some are actually referred to as “periodontists.” This begs the question of how do such professionals differ from dentists? Periodontists spend added time during their schooling and professional training researching the soft tissue and bone structure of the mouth. This qualifies them as experts in the treatment of gum disease (commonly known as gingivitis), as well as periodontitis (a disease effecting both the gums and the jaw bone).

A traditional dentist can offer treatments to combat gum disease, yet these are often limited to cleanings, antibiotic administrations as well as scaling and root planning. A periodontist, on the other hand, can provide extensive services such as:

  • Deep pocket cleanings
  • Soft tissue removal
  • Tissue recontouring
  • Bone grafting

Who to Go to for Implants?

This leads us to the issue of implant dentistry, and which type of provider can best deliver it. Certain general dentists can and do offer dental implants. However, if issues arise with your implant placement (or your accompanying aftercare), a dentist may refer you to a periodontist. A periodontist can typically handle all aspects of your implant procedure, and will likely have the experience needed to recommend strategies to help guarantee your long-term success.

Given the extended focus that periodontists place on understanding your gums and jaw bone, such a provider is the ideal one to turn to when you are seeking dental implants. Dr. Singh stands ready to provide you with all of the information and resources to deliver this treatment to you. Contact us in Chicago, IL today to schedule a consultation to evaluate your candidacy for this procedure!



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