January 16, 2016

In celebration of National Popcorn Day, the doctors at MVFD – Brighton want to make everyone aware of the link between popcorn and gum (periodontal) disease. Popcorn can be a very healthy snack that is low in calories and very tasty. However, eating it can increase one’s chances of developing dental complications, such as gum abscesses and periodontal disease, and significantly impact one’s overall oral health.

The Effect of Popcorn on Gums

Popcorn may seem like a light and easy snack to eat, but it has been proven to be extremely troublesome to teeth and gums. It is a leading culprit of periodontal disease, especially in children. Unlike some foods, the fibers in popcorn hulls do not breakdown. Popcorn kernels can become lodged in your gums and in between your teeth, attracting bacteria and plague. Plague and bacteria growth can cause your gums and oral tissue to become swollen and inflamed, resulting in sores and abscesses. Abscesses from popcorn kernels can build up very quickly and cause extreme discomfort, pain and irritation. If left untreated, you could end up with a receding gum line, tooth decay and periodontal disease.

There Is Still Hope for Popcorn

You do not have to give up your love for popcorn in order to protect your oral health. You just need to rinse your mouth and floss immediately after eating popcorn in order to help prevent gum disease. You should also brush your teeth twice a day. As long as you plan to eat popcorn, do not forget to make appointments to see a general dentist in Brighton, CO regularly to ensure there are no residual popcorn kernels and food debris left behind in your gums and in between your teeth. If there are, they can be removed promptly to prevent dental health complications.

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