February 23, 2016

To help prevent oral cancer Winston Salem, NC, it’s important that patients consider receiving a screening. The trick to beating oral cancer is to catch it early, so if you or your dental healthcare professional is worried about your risk an oral cancer screening may be a great idea for you. What does the procedure involve?


The Exam Procedure

Before the exam begins, your oral cancer screening the dental professional will ask you to remove any partials, denture and similar apparatuses from your mouth. If you have these devices, be sure to bring your traveling case for safe keeping.

  1. Your periodontist will carefully inspect your lips, mouth, neck and face for topical signs of cancer.
  1. Using his or her hands, your periodontist will check from lumps under your jawline and on the sides of your neck.
  1. Next, the dental professional will fell and look at the inside or your cheeks and lips for cancer warning signs, such as white or red patches.
  1. Your periodontist will ask you to stick out your tongue. With this, he or she is looking for anything abnormal in texture or color as well as swelling.
  1. With gauze, the periodontist will gently push your tongue first to one side and then the other. He or she will also check the base and underside of your tongue for cancer signs.
  1. The professional will then closely examine the floor and roof of your mouth before checking the back of your throat.
  1. Lastly, the periodontist will gently push one finger into the floor of your mouth to note any sensitivity or lumps.


If your periodontist finds anything concerning, he or she may take a sample for further testing. If you are concerned about oral cancer Winston Salem, NC give Dr. Kenneth Peavy a call at 336.383.1247 and set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.



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