November 23, 2016

The practice of cosmetic dentistry involves keeping up-to-date with advanced technology that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures. One example of the newest technologies within cosmetic dentistry is dental lasers. With care that is virtually painless, minimally invasive, and targets a variety of dental issues, laser dentistry helps bring beautiful smiles to patients.

Proven and Safe

Laser dentistry utilizes light beams to eliminate bacteria that cause disease. When removing decay or cleaning gums, dental lasers remove tissue gently and encourage new cells to grow. Laser procedures are backed by research that proves they are safe and often accompanied by a shorter recovery time. Patients do not have to worry about a painful or uncomfortable sensation when receiving laser dentistry treatment.

Treatment Applications

Dr. Chris Stevens utilizes laser technology for several procedures, including:

Diagnosing diseases
Treating hard tissue, such as bone, dentin, and tooth enamel
Treating soft tissue, such as gums, lips, and tongue

Lasers also provide the ability to accurately detect cavities and tooth decay. Major restoration work or having cavities filled can be accomplished with lasers. Addressing problems related to soft tissue such as gum disease comes is associated with increased accuracy, less pain, minimized bleeding, and improved recovery.

Additional Benefits of Laser Treatment

Treating patients with laser dentistry includes the following benefits:

• Sealing deep periodontal pockets
• Eliminating bleeding
• Reducing loose teeth
• Cauterizing gums during treatment
• Regenerating ligament tissue and bone
• Enhanced recovery success

Many patients are unaware of the existence of laser technology in dentistry, let alone the many benefits they can experience from it.

Tooth decay and gum disease have met their match with powerful yet gentle laser treatments. With the experienced touch and modern laser technology of Dr. Chris Stevens, your cosmetic dental and oral health needs can be met and resolved. Contact our office today to set up a consultation and receive the treatments you need.



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