February 23, 2016

It is often said that when confronting problems, the greatest danger lies in dealing with that which you cannot see. Perhaps nowhere is this idea more true than when dealing with gum disease. Most tend to think of the bacteria that accompanies gum disease as that found in the plaque your dental care provider scrapes off the surface of your teeth. However, as the disease spreads, pockets of this bacteria being to form beneath the gum line. Without laser gum surgery in Oak Brook, IL, it is virtually impossible for Dr. Singh to halt the spread of your gum disease.

Detailing the Shortcomings of Traditional Gum Surgery

The traditional methods used to treat gum disease through surgical intervention can address the issue of underlying bacteria in your gums. However, such procedures typically involve invasive techniques such as:

  • Incisions
  • Mechanical manipulation
  • Suturing

All of these can add up to significant post-operative pain and a lengthy recovery period.

Explaining the BIOLASE REPaiR Protocol

When you choose to instead pursue laser gum surgery in Oak Brook, IL, you can bypass all of those unwelcome treatment results. The BIOLASE REPaiR Protocol in particular is virtually guaranteed to deliver optimal outcomes. Through initial scaling and root planing, Dr. Singh is able to identify those areas that do not respond to such treatments, thus isolating the areas that need to be addressed during your surgery. During the procedure itself, a highly-attuned WaterLase laser targets this diseased tissue and eliminates it, while also stimulating the growth of new tissue and the natural reattachment of your gums to your teeth. Your gums heal naturally over the next several days, greatly decreasing the potential for severe post-operative pain.

Every day, gum disease continues to exact a toll on millions of Americans. You do not need to be one of them. Thanks to procedures such as the REPaiR treatment protocol, Dr. Singh and the rest of the team here at Periodontal Implant Associates can effectively reverse any damage that your gum or periodontal disease has caused. To schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Singh about this treatment option, call us at 630.974.5049.



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