May 5, 2016

Curious about whether a root canal might be the dental solution that puts an end to your recurring tooth pain or discomfort? You may be wondering if root canals hurt or what circumstances might lead to getting one. Here are the answers to all your root canal questions.

  • Root canals are relatively simple, standard dental procedures that help to re-establish comfort and health in a tooth that is deeply infected or has been damaged and has not healed.
  • You will likely be numbed locally or given a local anesthetic by your dentist so that the pain of the root canal will be minimally felt.
  • A root canal works by taking out any infection from the tooth, removing the inner pulp and nerve that may be causing you pain and replacing it with a safe material and a permanent tooth crown.

When a Root Canal Might Be Appropriate

Root canals are especially indicated in teeth where cavities have been for some time and have deeply penetrated into the root of the tooth, causing damage and decay. You might be experiencing sensitivity, discoloration and discomfort in any teeth that have been affected by a cavity in this way. Root canals are also useful if a physically injured or broken tooth is not healing fully on its own. Root canals can help resolve that lingering tooth pain or sensitivity that you may have noticed at night or while eating particularly hot or cool foods.

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