April 25, 2017

Seeing a periodontist every six months is just as important as getting in to see a physician to assess your overall health. In spite of its importance and the risk of losing teeth permanently, people still put off seeing dental professionals and managing their oral health. For people who suffer from debilitating dental anxiety, the option for sedation dentistry in Berkeley, CA, is vital.

Dental Anxiety Is a Real Thing

Dental anxiety is a fear of going to the dentist or periodontist. It presents itself in the form of increased heart rate, sweating, dizziness and quick breathing. The anxiety could stem from bad experiences with a dentist or periodontist in the past, fear of needles, a serious gag reflex or an aversion to having people touch your mouth. The point is, this type of anxiety is very real. However, your dental health is still important. How can you overcome this fear and receive the treatment you need? Sedation dentistry is the answer.

It Is Important to Feel Safe With Your Periodontist

Your periodontist should have the means to help you relax and get the oral health care you require. Sedation through a pill, IV or local anesthetic can help to calm and numb areas of your mouth so that you do not feel the procedure. With a pill or IV, patients might not even remember the procedure later. Having the different options is important to meet the needs of each patient. Those with a fear of needles and who might become disruptive during the procedure would likely benefit from oral sedation. Those who just need help relaxing before a procedure might be fine with the IV and local anesthetic.

You Have Options

You have options when it comes to sedation dentistry, so you should not have to dread going to see your periodontist. Consult with Dr. Keith Chertok about your sedation options by calling our office today.



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