July 11, 2017

Gum disease can lead to serious problems, not only with your oral health but also with your overall physical health. Gum disease comes in many forms but one thing is common across all cases: it is important to see a dentist in Wayne, NJ to get treatment as quickly as possible before it gets out of control.

Traditional gum disease treatment is a valuable option, but new technology has created a new method that offers additional benefits to those who require treatment for this condition.

Non-Invasive Surgery

LANAP is a laser surgery, which means there is no need for scalpels, sutures or stitches. There is minimal swelling and discomfort, where traditional surgery may involve more bleeding and higher risks. Laser surgery is designed to decrease the risks associated with traditional surgery and improve your oral and overall health without blades.

Effect on Your Gums

LANAP allows for a dentist to remove damaged, harmful gum tissue without affecting the gum tissue surrounding the area that is healthy. This helps to stimulate gum regeneration and involves minimal gum recession.

Decreased Dental Anxiety

Traditional gum disease treatment in Wayne, NJ, may cause serious anxiety for those who already fear the dentist. If visiting Dr. Breiterman causes you to worry, adding a scalpel or blade to the mix can seriously increase the tension. With LANAP, you get treatment for gum disease without additional stress that comes from visiting the dentist.

More Candidates

Many patients can’t undergo traditional surgery because of pre-existing conditions such as HIV, hemophilia or diabetes. Rather than being forced to live with gum disease, these patients now have more options when it comes to minimally-invasive treatments.

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