September 23, 2016

A root canal is a major procedure that should be completed by a knowledgeable, experienced and trusted dental professional. Some may think that it is imperative that they contact an endodontist for such procedures, however this is not true or necessary. In fact, there are benefits to receiving a root canal from your family dentist.

Root Canal

In short, a root canal is a procedure that is used to treat an injury to a tooth. An anesthetic is administered and then the dentist creates an opening in the tooth, removes the infected content, fills the space with permanent material and seals the tooth with a crown. There are a few different indicators to look for that indicate the need for a root canal, including:

  • Swelling and pus around the tooth
  • Tooth pain that changes with your position
  • Sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • Tooth decay or abscess
  • Injury or bad fracture to the tooth

Even considering these signs, it is best to have a dental professional make the final call on the oral issue you may be facing.

Family Dentist Relationship

When you go to your family dentist for a root canal you already have good rapport. This can help you to relax in what can be an anxious time. Also, you have a level of trust with your dentist, so you may be more comfortable and move things along quicker, which can be beneficial to addressing your issue.

Continued Care

Whereas you may have to travel a far distance to reach an endodontist, a family dentist is usually local, which can save time, energy and resources.


As with any medical specialist, seeking treatment from an endodontist will usually cost more than visiting your family dentist.

As your local family dentist in Amherst, NY, Dr. James Lesinski is able to take care of your root canal along with other oral health procedures. He and his team strive to provide excellent service and to assist individuals with reaching their desired health goals. See for yourself by contacting us today to schedule your visit!



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