December 30, 2015

In some cases, surgery is the only way to repair the damage that has been done by periodontal disease—but there is more than one type of surgery out there. One option is traditional surgery, but you may also have the option of laser gum surgery performed by a general dentist in Vancouver, BC.

Traditional Procedure

Traditional gum surgery involves cutting into the gum tissue with a scalpel. This gives the dentist access to the interior of the gum, so that bacteria and diseased tissues can be removed. Once this procedure has been performed, the gums are sewn back together and allowed to heal. Unfortunately, this procedure can result in a number of complications, such as shorter gum lines, difficulty reattaching tissue, and even inflammation. This type of surgery often necessitates sedation and may require a few days of recuperation.

Laser Alternatives

One great alternative to traditional gum surgery is laser gum surgery. The WaterLase MD laser treatment can eliminate harmful bacteria and diseased tissue without causing damage to the surrounding gums; it also provides a greater degree of accuracy and precision during the surgery since there is less friction against the surrounding tissue.


Because of the design of the tools used during laser surgery, this procedure is much gentler than traditional gum treatments. Laser gum surgery is noninvasive, requires no stitches, and can be completed relatively quickly. General sedation is almost never required, merely some local anesthetic. Patients can often return to their normal routines immediately after the procedure has been completed, which isn’t typically possible with traditional gum surgery. Plus, there are no scalpels or sutures needed to complete the procedure.

Your Options

In addition to treating periodontitis, the WaterLase MD laser can be used to smooth out tissues, prepare gums for dental implants, and reshape the gum line. If you would like to find out whether you’re a candidate for laser gum surgery, call us today at (604) 210-4722 to set up an appointment with a general dentist in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Roshanzamir, Dr. Baharloo, Dr. Reskovich, or Dr. Boyd would be happy to help.



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