July 11, 2017

For many people suffering from periodontal disease, the only option for treatment was traditionally a painful and time-consuming surgery over many visits. Now, with technology, there are much more options for people who have extensive gum disease damage. Dr. J. Alexander Withers is a periodontist in Fairfax, VA who is ready to help patients with periodontal disease get relief from the discomfort and potential oral health issues. He does this by offering an alternative to the traditional gum disease treatment, laser gum surgery in Fairfax, VA. Laser gum surgery has completely transformed the way patients deal with gum disease and advanced periodontitis. Here is an overview of what this type of treatment is all about and how you could possibly benefit from it.

The Procedure

Laser gum surgery begins with a high-tech laser that your periodontist uses to target diseased gum tissue. Your dental provider can pinpoint the location of the damaged tissue with the precise laser beam during the surgery. Then, your gums can get a fresh start to toward health.


Many patients experience little or no pain during and after the procedure. Since there is no cutting involved, there is typically no need for strong pain relief medication.


Afterward, most providers recommend that patients return to their normal routine. Because of how minimally-invasive the surgery is, there is usually no need to take off a few days from work or school. There is little to no bleeding in most cases as well.


Laser gum surgery has become more popular over time because of the positive outcomes associated with it as well. Patients who had severe gum disease have been able to get a fresh start through the procedure. New gum tissue can regenerate as the surgical spot heals over time.

Contact our office today if you want to find out more about laser gum surgery. Not everyone is a candidate, so it is important to schedule a consultation so you can get expert advice about your case.



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