August 24, 2016

On average, children receive their first teeth around six months old. Normally, the permanent teeth won’t break through until around seven or eight years old. Although it may seem like baby teeth are no big deal because they fall out anyway, the importance of pediatric dentistry is highlighted in many areas.
You should take your children’s oral and dental health as seriously as you take your own. We know that you can be busy and it’s tough to get kids to the dentist in Aurora, CO, but we work hard to make it easy for you to bring your children in when it’s convenient for you.
Healthy Tooth Development
Pediatric dentistry is important because it gives the dentist a chance to track the oral development of your child. Every child is unique, and different treatments should come at different times. When we can track the development of your child’s teeth, we can give you solid advice about when to visit an orthodontist or if one is needed.
Regular check-ups with a dentist allow for any abnormalities to be identified early enough that they can often be treated before they become serious problems.
Disease Prevention
No individual can go without seeing a dentist their entire life and have a healthy mouth. With pediatric dentistry, we work to identify problems early so that we can develop a treatment plan that treats them early or stops them from happening. It is much easier and less expensive to stop something from happening than treating it after it has.
Good Habits Starts Early
Perhaps the simplest benefit of pediatric dentistry is that your kids learn good oral health habits from before a time they can remember. If they visit the dentist from the beginning, they learn how to brush and floss properly, and become invested in their own oral health care.
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