October 31, 2018

Receding gums are no joke for periodontal patients. They are one of the most pronounced symptoms of gum disease, and the recession can start very early in the disease process. It’s best to treat it while it is still minor because advanced gum recession will not regenerate completely on their own. Instead, they will require a tissue transplant and additional treatments before the gum recession is abated. Luckily, there are options that make treating this condition easier and more comfortable.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique

Patients with receding gums have found comfortable, fast healing relief with the use of this technique (PST) because, as its name suggests, it involves creating an incredibly small incision and then using precision tools to reposition the gum tissue. Doctors consider this a very minor procedure and most patients report only mild discomfort afterwards.

The best part about this technique, at least from the patient’s point of view, is that minimally invasive surgeries tend to involve far less discomfort than expected and have a much faster healing time than traditional methods. This means that patients with anxiety about their recovery or pain will find this method a preferrable solution.

Dangers of Extreme Gum Recession

If left unchecked, receding gums can eventually cause tooth loss. Extreme cases can even cause the kind of bone and tissue loss that precludes the use of some tooth replacement options, like dental implants. That makes treating your receding gums a priority whenever you notice symptoms.

If you have symptoms of gum recession, there’s no reason to wait until advanced symptoms have become apparent. You can benefit with regular cleanings and check-ups from a periodontist in Manhattan, NY, like Dr. Alexander Volchonok, including feedback about how your symptoms are progressing and what you can do at home to prevent them from advancing. Contact our office for an appointment today, and we’ll custom design the best treatment plan for you.



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