November 30, 2015


Caring for your teeth and gums is about more than just better oral health. Statistics suggest that the state of your mouth can actually affect your overall health. Gum disease dangers may include heart disease, diabetes or stroke. These dangers highlight how important it is to adequately care for your teeth and gums regularly.

Dangers Work Both Ways

With diabetes, the problems run both ways. Those with diabetes are more likely to have gum disease, while gum disease can also affect diabetes. Gum disease can make it difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar, and diabetics are also more likely to end up with an infection caused by poor gum care.

When periodontal disease reaches a severe point, blood sugar may increase in the body of the diabetic. This puts an individual at risk for serious complications that arise when blood sugar levels are high for an extended period of time. Controlling the blood sugar is a big part of fighting infection and heart disease, and severe periodontal disease makes it difficult to do so.

Those with diabetes are more likely to have severe gum disease, and may lose teeth more often than others. Fortunately, there is hope, as those that control their diabetes have no increased risk for gum disease. It would appear that the answer is controlling blood sugar and caring for the teeth and gums properly on a regular basis.

Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Germs in the mouth attack the gums and teeth when plaque builds up, but simply brushing and flossing each day can help prevent gum disease and other oral health related problems. Along with regular care and check-ups, try the following tips to fight gum disease.

  • Brush the tongue gently
  • Always rinse after flossing
  • Use a soft nylon toothbrush with rounded bristles
  • Never scrub your teeth
  • Protect teeth with a fluoride toothpaste

If you are already dealing with gum disease, and fear how it may affect your diabetes, schedule an appointment with a periodontist in Nashville, TN. Call Dr. Akin’s office today to make an appointment at 615-457-8297.



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