April 12, 2017

Movies and Television would have you believe that a root canal is the most painful procedure ever known to man. Then again, television and movies would also have you believe that people can fly or jump from great heights without receiving a scratch – hardly reality. While root canals are essentially an invasive procedure, they are vital and important. Part of overcoming the fear associated with them is understanding the process and purpose.

Root Canals Save Teeth

When bacteria eat away at the enamel of the teeth and create a hole, it is known as a cavity. Many people are familiar with cavities and the process of getting a filling. What you do not see is that the bacteria can eat away further inside the tooth. When the pulp of the tooth becomes infected, the invasive bacteria needs to be cleaned out and the hollow inner part of the tooth is then restored. The process is similar in discomfort to a cavity, which is not bad at all. If the bacteria is left alone, then it will continue to eat away at the tooth until it falls apart and there is nothing left. This is the role of the root canal – to save the tooth.

Timing Is Important

The longer you let the bacteria work on your teeth, the greater the damage that occurs. It is ideal if your family dentist can catch the problem early on when there is no more than a cavity. A root canal is the next step up. If you wait too long, the tooth might need to be pulled entirely, which means the next option is to look for bridges or implants.

Prevent Root Canals With Regular Checkups

While root canals sound scary, they are very common and rather straightforward procedures. Every Kid Healthy Week from April 24 to April 28 is a great time to get screened for cavities, root canals and other dental issues. Contact the office Dr. Darryl Burke in Concord, CA and schedule your visit today!



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