February 22, 2016

Similarly to talking in your sleep, teeth grinding can happen without you even realizing it. Dr. John C. Cranham is an accomplished dental professional who assists patients at our practice who are affected by teeth grinding in Chesapeake, VA. First-hand experience has proved although some signs of teeth grinding are very easy to spot, others are not as obviously linked.


Visible and Audible Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Perhaps you may decide to visit the dentist after noticing some of your teeth have flattened areas or become loose. Both of those things can be caused when you unintentionally grind your teeth. In some cases, the sound of the grinding may be so loud that it wakes up your partner, giving another clue something is amiss.


Signs That May Not Immediately Be Linked to Teeth Grinding

Although some teeth grinding problems are visible, many other issues are bothersome for patients, but may not initially seem related to the teeth. Through his practice, Dr. Cranham has helped many people resolve ailments that were ultimately associated with teeth grinding in Chesapeake, VA.

For example, you may have soreness in your face, pain that mimics an earache, a dull headache that starts in your temples or fatigue in your jaw. It is understandable that you may not think those symptoms are coming about due to the teeth grinding that occurs as you slumber. However, a dentist appointment may reveal surprising insight.

If you are a chronic teeth grinder, take comfort that the issue is often an easy one to solve. You may need to wear a mouth guard at night. If the teeth grinding is happening due to stress, it could resolve once you begin using relaxation methods.

The best way to find out whether you are grinding your teeth is to make an appointment with Dr. Cranham. He can thoroughly evaluate your oral health. Simply call 844-793-0776 to request an appointment.



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