February 22, 2016

February 24th is an important date for two reason. It is National Tortilla Chip Day, and it is also the day you should schedule an appointment with your dentist for a gum exam. You might not think these two things are related, but they are. It is estimated that half of American adults will develop gum disease, and it is essential to schedule regular cleanings and exams to prevent this. Though they are tasty, tortilla chips are one of many foods that can cut your gums and cause micro-abrasions that are vulnerable to infections that develop into disease.

Treatments for Gum Disease

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, it can probably be attributed to more than tortilla chips. Once infections have progressed to disease, you will need to discuss treatment options with your doctor. Scaling and root planing can massively reduce the plaque and bacteria that gather, but if additional treatment is required, laser gum surgery in Fairplay, CO may be the best option. Some of the benefits of laser treatment include the following:

  • Shortened recovery time after procedure
  • Fewer appointments required
  • Minimized pain during and after surgery
  • Less gum recession and root sensitivity than other methods may entail

Laser treatment for gum disease works by removing the inflamed and infected parts of the gum with the laser. Once this has been done, the provider can scale the plaque gathered at the root as would by done in a typical scaling and planing procedure. Lasers may improve precision and reduce invasiveness, however, which can make healing easier.

Trust a Qualified Dental Provider to Treat Your Gum Disease

The providers at Mountain View Family Dental of Fairplay are expertly trained to offer laser gum surgery in Fairplay, CO. We can help you reclaim your oral health and make your smile the most beautiful it can be.



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