January 15, 2016

For millennia, medical and dental intervention was only looked to as a means to treat the effects of a disease or condition. While this may help to halt the spread of disease and make those suffering from it more comfortable, it often failed to focus on getting patients back to the same physical state that they were in prior to a debilitating condition taking hold. However, recent advances in both the medical and dental sciences have allowed providers to shift their focus on restoring one’s health, as opposed to simply managing it. This trend has not been lost on your periodontist in Winston-Salem, NC.

Why Therapeutic Care Alone is Not Enough

Treatment designed specifically to address the results of a disease is often referred to as therapeutic care. While such care is undoubtedly important at stopping the advance of conditions such as gum recession, a periodontist in Winston-Salem, NC who stops his treatment there is doing a disservice by not looking to reverse those effects and get your gums back to where they once were.

Restoring Your Gums to How They Once Were

Restorative care, on the other hand, concentrates on returning you to the state of oral health that you enjoyed prior to the onset of your condition. Treatments such as the Pinhole Surgical Technique are specifically designed to do this. It can reverse the spread of gum recession by

  • Advancing small tools through minute holes in the gums to loosen the gum tissue
  • Stretching the gums back down over the areas left exposed by gum recession
  • Inserting collagen strips behind the gums to prevent future recession from reoccurring

Not only do advanced treatments such as the Pinhole Surgical Technique allow Dr. Peavy to restore you to an optimal state of oral health, but they do so while only causing minimal discomfort. As January 16 has been recognized as National Without a Scalpel Day, there is no better time to reap all of the benefits that these minimally-invasive treatments have to offer. You can learn more about all of the restorative care option that we can make available to you by calling us at 336.383.1247 to schedule a consultation appointment today.



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