June 27, 2016

While you are probably aware that flossing is one of the most important and healthiest habits that you can have in regards to the state of your mouth, we have some flossing trivia for you!

Flossing Facts  

  1. It does not matter whether you floss before you brush your teeth or after, as long as you do floss. On average, about half of flossing individuals floss prior to brushing and half do it afterwards. But the important part is that they are flossing. The order in which you do things is completely up to you.
  2. Whether you are using waxed or unwaxed floss, ultra or ribbon floss, the average length of thread that you should use is about 18 inches. This may sound like a long piece of floss, but this length is necessary to get in between all of your teeth in all four quadrants of your jaw.
  3. Children need to floss, too. You may have to help your child floss until they reach an age when they can do it successfully on their own, which is typically around age 10 or 11. However, if it is easier for them or you, encourage your child to use a floss pick, which makes for easy flossing on the go and no messy string to pick up off the floor. When using picks, aim to use a different one for each of the four areas of the mouth.

Flossing is an activity we encourage our patients to incorporate into their daily oral health routines. Beyond brushing, flossing can help reach tight areas in-between the teeth where plaque, food and bacteria hide.

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