December 23, 2015

As the weather starts to chill and cold and flu season starts, it’s important to keep your mouth healthy, as it affects the rest of your body. Your immune system may have a hard time fighting off infection in the mouth if the rest of the body is compromised, so staying healthy is an important part of strengthening the teeth. If you find yourself with a cold or the flu during the winter months, try the following tips to protect your teeth until you feel better.

  1. Keep Up Your Normal Brushing Routine

Even if you’re tired and don’t feel like you can get out of bed, it is important to keep up your regular brushing and flossing routine. We recommend brushing at least twice a day and flossing once, preferably before going to bed at night. While cleanings are important every six months with our dentist in Dallas, TX, you can reschedule an appointment if you are feeling ill, but should never skip one completely.

  1. Cough Drop Warning

Cough drops may keep you from coughing nonstop, but most brands are full of sugar and hard on your teeth. If they are a necessity to keep you functioning, try the sugar-free drops whenever possible. If you prefer cough syrup, remember to rinse with water afterwards to remove the sugar from the teeth.

If you are throwing up with the flu, it’s essential to keep your mouth clean and rinsed regularly. Stomach acid is particularly hard on the teeth, and can eat away at the enamel.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is often the key to beating an illness, but is particularly important for your dental health when you’re fighting the flu or a cold. If your nose is stuffed and you are breathing through your mouth, your mouth may be more susceptible to infection and bacteria. Drink water or sugar-free juice as often as possible when you are ill to stay hydrated.

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