October 17, 2018

Halloween is a favorite holiday amongst children but a nightmare for parents or a pediatric dentist. Bags of sugary, sticky candies are a sure path to cavities and tooth decay. How can you make sure your children enjoy the holiday while still protecting their little smiles? Pediatric dentist, Dr. Carolyn B. Crowell offers a few tips to help parents prevent tooth decay in Avon, OH.

5 Ways to Protect Smiles and Prevent Tooth Decay This Halloween

  1. Before you go trick-or-treating, have dinner. A child who has just eaten a balanced meal will be less likely to sneak treats while one with an empty stomach will be tempted to snack immediately.
  2. Inspect the candy bag as soon as you get home. Separate any suspicious looking wrappers, foods that may cause an allergic reaction or candies that are especially hard on the teeth.
  3. Ration out the candy or pick designated treat times. Allowing your child to have free reign over the candy bag guarantees that sticky, sugary candy will be left on teeth for hours, causing tooth decay.
  4. Encourage your child to drink lots of water when enjoying treats and to brush immediately after, if possible. Water helps to rinse away tooth decay causing food particles. Flossing is particularly important, given the fact that soft candy can quickly get stuck in between the teeth.
  5. Make better selections for the treats you hand out. Avoid jaw breakers, hard candy, caramel apples, or taffy. Consider options like chocolate bars, sugarless gum, or snack chips. The neighborhood parents may be struggling to protect their children’s smiles from tooth decay, too, and will appreciate your efforts.

If your children have braces, protecting their teeth can be even more challenging. For more helpful information about preventing tooth decay in Avon, OH, schedule a consultation with Dr. Crowell. Dr. Crowell is an experienced pediatric dentist dedicated to maintaining happy, healthy smiles.



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