September 5, 2017

When ignored, gum disease can become a very serious condition, and can also lead to a number of other medical problems. Fortunately, when detected and treated properly, you can restore your dental health. Seeing a qualified dentist like Dr. Manju Kejriwal enables you to pick from multiple forms of treatment. There are three basic options, and picking the one that works best for your particular condition is very important.

  1. Laser Treatment

If you have infected gums, minimally-invasive laser treatment can eliminate the issue. The inflamed tissue is removed and the process can be conducted without slicing into the gums. Depending on the severity of your gum deterioration, this treatment may be completed rather quickly, and the recovery time is often minimal. Your dentist should be able to cure moderate and severe cases of gum disease using the right laser technology.

  1. Root Planing and Scaling Teeth

In more moderate cases, a thorough cleaning may be all that is needed to improve your gum health. Scaling and root planing is similar to standard preventive cleaning, with the objective of eliminating the damaging bacteria that can lead to diseased gums. By removing excessive plaque and tartar buildup, we can keep your situation from worsening and begin restoration.

  1. Osseous Surgery

This option is for people with more severe periodontal cases, though the treatment is not overly invasive. The process involves removing diseased pockets existing in the alveolar bone. Surgery is usually recommended only after the other treatments have proven ineffective. If the health of your gum tissue cannot be restored, your dentist may choose to remove the diseased areas.

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If you have any signs of gum disease, you should act quickly to treat the issue. With the help of Dr. Kejriwal and her staff, you can choose the treatment that works best for your situation and get back to living with healthy gums and teeth. Contact us to treat gum disease in Cincinnati, OH today!



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