March 29, 2016

Patients are often dismayed to learn that they require a root canal in order to treat a tooth infection or other oral health concern. Getting a root canal in Westchester, CA might sound painful but this special form of therapy actually relieves toothache. During Root Canal Awareness Week, Dr. Glenn L. Sperbeck and the rest of the team at Health Centered Dentistry would like to tell patients a little more about root canals and how they can help patients heal.

Root canals might be used to treat conditions such as:

  • Tooth infection
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Tooth injury
  • Other inflammatory process


A Root Canal Removes Infection

When a toothache is caused by infection or another inflammatory process, the infected material must be removed in order for healing to begin. A tooth infection can affect the dental pulp, nerves, and vessels present deep inside the tooth.

Each tooth is comprised of three primary layers – the hard enamel exterior, the softer dentin interior, and the delicate center pulp. An infection attacks the sensitive central layers, gradually destroying the dental pulp and affecting the nerves, which causes the pain associated with these infections.

During a root canal procedure, a delicate instrument is used to extract the infected material inside the tooth. This allows the body’s natural immune responses to begin healing the remaining injured tissue.


A Root Canal Preserves Your Teeth

An advanced tooth injury, abscess, or infection can result in the loss of the tooth. Once tooth loss occurs, the bones of the jaw will gradually weaken. Since a tooth’s root helps stimulate the jaw bone, losing a tooth can lead to bone loss. Root canals help prevent the advancement of infections and preserve teeth in their present position.


Improved Dental Health Is Within Reach

If you have been told you need a root canal in order to treat an oral health concern, do not worry. You are in good hands at Health Centered Dentistry. Call us today at 844-855-8823 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sperbeck.



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