December 29, 2015

Many people experience receding gums. It’s a symptom of gum disease, but can also be a side effect of different medications or even brushing your teeth incorrectly. Some people who have used whitening products wrong have experienced problems with their gums. When your gums recede, it causes sensitive teeth. If the gum tissue erodes too much, it exposes the root of your tooth which leads to pain when you eat or drink very hot or cold foods. Fortunately, your periodontist has solutions and offers gum recession treatment.

Gum Grafting

One traditional treatment for receding gums is gum grafting. This is where the dentist excises tissue from the healthy part of your mouth and sutures it onto the area which needs treatment. The gums take around three weeks to heal after this procedure, but it is very effective. However, today’s technology is making dental treatment even easier with another option for treatment  known as PST™.

 What Is PST™?

With Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™), gums are not cut or sutured. Instead, the periodontist in Los Angeles makes a small pinhole in the tissue, then slides this tissue around to cover the exposed gums. With traditional gum recession treatment, only one or two teeth can be treated during each session, but with PST™, multiple teeth can be treated in one sitting because there is less discomfort.

 Call Today

 PST™ offers immediate improvement in how your teeth appear. It’s a great way to improve your smile. You will experience less pain and sensitivity, and it will prevent further gum and tooth loss. You should be committed to good oral hygiene after this procedure to maintain your beautiful smile. Don’t suffer with sensitive teeth or the loss of your smile. Make an appointment with Andrew M. Satlin D.D.S, a periodontist in Los Angeles, CA, by calling 310-907-5912. Take care of your mouth and teeth so that they last a lifetime.



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