February 23, 2016

Endodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on treating disorders in the pulp of a patient’s tooth or in surrounding areas of the mouth. In fact, the literal Greek translation is “inside tooth.”


Who Performs Endodontics?

An endodontist in Jacksonville, FL, such as our very own Dr. Allan Sandor undergoes extensive training due to the complicated procedures involved in endodontics. Because endodontists must be experts in providing root canal treatment, they spend at least two extra years in school. The extra training specifically focuses on diagnosing and treating tooth pain related to the interior of the tooth.


Reasons for Endodontic Treatment

A person who has a tooth or teeth with fractures, splits or cracks likely needs endodontic treatment. Advanced tooth decay, large fillings, facial injuries or having multiple dental treatments performed on the same tooth might also require an endodontist in Jacksonville, FL. Lack of correct treatment could lead to infection in the pulp of the teeth or in the facial bones. While the symptoms might not be apparent right away, eventually the infection will lead to severe pain and could even cause more complicated issues.


About the Root Canal Procedure

A root canal is necessary to treat infection in the pulp of the tooth. Dr. Sandor uses the most advanced techniques during treatment to keep patients as comfortable as possible during the process, which involves removing any diseased pulp from the tooth before cleaning it, shaping it and sealing the roots. After the root canal heals, a crown is placed on the tooth to restore function and prevent further problems. While the exact amount of pain caused by the procedure varies depending on the patient, most report discomfort and sensitivity for several days after treatment.

Endodontic treatment should always be performed by a professional. If you need an endodontist in Jacksonville, FL, contact Dr. Sandor 904-302-9812.



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