February 22, 2016

Have you been concerned about the possibility of oral cancer? If you have pain or a sore in your mouth that is not going away, you may want to schedule an exam with an oral surgeon. An important thing to keep in mind if you think you have oral cancer in Freedom, CA, is not to delay an evaluation. If detected early, oral cancer may be treated more effectively. If you know what to expect during an oral cancer exam, you may be better prepared to deal with the results.


What Are the Symptoms?

Oral cancer can involve any part of your mouth but usually affects the soft tissue, gums, tongue, and throat. You may have pain, a lump or cyst, or even a lesion that has not healed after several weeks. If you have a family history of oral cancer, use tobacco products, or drink heavily, your chances of developing oral cancer may be increased. Some people do not have any of these factors and still can be diagnosed.


What Happens During an Oral Exam?

Your dentist or oral surgeon may screen you for oral cancer by beginning with a visual inspection of your mouth. This is typically part of any routine dental exam to monitor your oral health. If your dental practitioner wants to further evaluate any suspicious areas, he or she may order some additional tests, which can include blood work and a biopsy. These samples will be sent to a laboratory for additional assessments to determine what if any disease is present. Local anesthesia may be used to lessen discomfort while a tissue sample is taken.

Do not put off a visit to an oral surgeon if you suspect you may have oral cancer in Freedom, CA. By understanding what to expect during an oral exam, you are taking steps to ensure your health and peace of mind. If you would like more information, call the office of Dr. Andres Herrera at (831) 740-8073 if you are a new patient and (831) 728-3661 if you are a current patient.



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