September 16, 2016

If you deal with periodontal disease that has progressed enough to require treatment to protect your mouth and teeth, you may consider laser gum treatment. Laser treatment is a huge breakthrough in the field of dental technology to help patients avoid what are often painful and complicated surgeries to treat periodontal disease. Laser treatment reduces root sensitivity and exposure and offers a much easier recovery with minimal bleeding.

How Does It Work?

The goal with laser treatment is to remove infection that is causing periodontal disease, and to close up the pockets between the teeth and the gums. A digital dental laser is used to remove diseased tissue and harmful bacteria from the pocket, simply by passing a laser between the tooth and the gum.

During treatment, you will first receive a local anesthetic to ensure that you have no discomfort or pain. Then a tiny laser fiber is placed between the gum and the tooth and only the diseased tissue is removed, clearing away any sign of infection.

After the area is cleaned, small instruments and an ultrasonic scaler further clean the tooth’s root surface by removing tartar. Energy is then directed once again to the area between the tooth and the gum in order to stimulate cells to grow new connective tissue and surface coating.

The wound is immediately cauterized after the diseased tissue is removed, limiting the amount of bleeding during treatment. The laser can also seal nerve endings, resulting in only minor discomfort after treatment.

Why Choose Laser?

Traditionally, gum disease was removed with incisions and sutures that were painful and had higher risks of complications. Laser treatment is minimally invasive with lasting results and a faster recovery time. Laser surgery is also safe for many that have previous medical conditions that prevent traditional surgery.

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