August 26, 2016

When you need a root canal, it is best to take care of it quickly. The nature of the infection makes it nearly impossible to notice any visible problems.  However, much like other afflictions, early treatment is critical.  Responding quickly minimizes the possibility of developing a host of other health issues.

Why Patients Need Root Canals

When the pulp of the tooth becomes infected due to a cavity that penetrates to the heart of the tooth, it becomes inflamed. This inflammation leads to several other responses in the body. That means patients in need of a root canal might experience mild fever or other symptoms. The procedure cleans the area and removes the infected tissue, eliminating the inflammation in the area and preventing more health complications from developing.


The core problem underlying every root canal is an infection. This means that there are some very serious complications that can arise when treatment is postponed:

• Abscesses may develop in the area, leading to swelling and increased pain as the infection escalates.
• Secondary infections caused by transportation of the bacteria from the site of the tooth through the patient’s body through the bloodstream.
• Inflammation related complications, including swelling and pressure, escalating fever, and persistent problems with biting or chewing.

Secondary infections and the body’s reaction to stress hormones both have the potential to lead to severe health problems depending on the part of the body infected. Blood borne infections may occur anywhere from the skin to vital organs, including the heart.

Prompt and Proper Treatment

Treating the infection quickly reduces the possibility of the patient needing an extraction and it also helps patients avoid any other complications and additional conditions. If you need to find a dentist in Queensbury, NY for a root canal procedure, get in touch with us to make an appointment with Dr. Mark Moskowitz.




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