June 22, 2018

There are three primary stages of gum disease. The earliest stage is gingivitis, which is when the inflammation is most easily treatable. Next comes periodontitis, which is when the supporting fibers and bone that keep teeth in place become irreversibly damaged. Lastly, there is advanced periodontitis, which typically requires teeth to be removed. This is why it is so critical to seek gum disease treatment from our dentist in Gettysburg, PA immediately when you notice the symptoms of gingivitis.

Effects of Untreated Periodontitis

There are several symptoms of gingivitis to keep an eye on, including bleeding gums, red gum tissue and halitosis. Dr. Eric Seidel can tell when gum disease has escalated to periodontitis when a patient has pus forming between gums and teeth and gum recession has begun to take place. Additional symptoms include:

  • Change in way teeth fit together
  • Pain occurs when chewing
  • Teeth feel loose
  • New gaps form between teeth

Advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, is a primary cause of tooth loss in American adults. The reason is that the infection has progressed to such a severe degree that antibodies attack both diseased and healthy cells. This causes the condition of the jawbone and gum tissue to deteriorate. The bone will become damaged and the gum will recede, making it highly likely teeth will begin to fall out. In the event teeth do not fall out on their own, they may require extraction.

Schedule an Appointment as Soon as Possible for a More Manageable Treatment

If you seek treatment as soon as you notice the signs of gum disease, then you may only require scaling and root planing, which is a minimally invasive way to eliminate bacteria without heavy sedation. However, when patients wait, they usually need more extensive treatment to effectively reverse gum disease and  restore dental health. You should schedule an appointment at Dr. Seidel’s office, Gettysburg Dental Associates, once every six months or when you have a problem with your gum tissue. Our team can recommend the best treatment to help restore your oral health.



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