August 2, 2018

Anyone who suffers from bleeding gums, halitosis, loose teeth or receding gums needs to see our periodontist immediately. These are the signs of gum disease. People with these symptoms need to seek gum disease treatment right away, and luckily, there are multiple options available.


The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is an FDA-cleared treatment that Dr. Steven Rice is trained in administering. It is recommended for patients with moderate to severe periodontitis. Since it uses lasers, it comes with many benefits, including the fact the patient will experience less discomfort and pain. It is also great for saving teeth because our periodontal expert will not have to actually cut into the gum tissue.

Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique

Gum recession is dangerous and can lead to lost teeth, and when significant recession has already occurred, our periodontist will likely recommend PST®. This involves our professional making a tiny hole into the gum tissue. Next, he will loosen the tissue to move it over the areas where gum recession has occurred. The patient will see immediate cosmetic benefits and enjoy a faster recovery time.

Periodontal Surgery

In extreme cases, our experts will recommend osseous surgery. This is usually done after other treatments have already been tried to no avail. After an incision is made, the gum will be lifted from the tooth. The tooth’s surface will then be thoroughly cleaned. Once it is clean, the gum tissue will be trimmed and stitched back into its normal position. Stitches may be necessary. Patients will need to schedule an appointment a month later to make sure the site is healing.

All These Treatments Are Offered at Our Office

Dr. Rice is skilled with all these treatments and many others, so you need to call us to schedule an appointment as soon as you notice the signs of gum disease. Prompt gum disease treatment will prevent the issue from becoming even worse and requiring a more intensive procedure.



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