March 7, 2018

In the United States alone, almost 80 percent of adults have some form of gum disease, whether it’s the early form of gingivitis to the more serious condition known as periodontitis. As one of the most common diseases in America, it is often overlooked and many avoid treatment because they are afraid of the periodontist. Fortunately, new technology has allowed Dr. Campbell to offer innovative new treatments that are minimally invasive and almost risk-free.

What Is LANAP?

A tiny laser fiber is inserted between the gum and the tooth and cleans the area and removes the disease and infection. There is no cutting or stitching necessary. At this point, all plaque and tartar are removed and a firm, stable fibrin blood clot is created to seal the pocket. One half of the mouth is treated at each session.

Previous treatments often required for incision in the gums and tissue to be grafted in, a procedure that could be very extensive and painful. Traditional cut-and-sew surgery had its own risks and disadvantages, and LANAP accounts for many of those.


Laser surgery is used in almost every field to reduce risks and make surgery more comfortable for patients. With LANAP, patients bleed less, have less pain and sensitivity and less gum loss and swelling. Very little downtime is required after treatment, and the risk of post-operative infections is greatly decreased.

LANAP also encourages the supporting gum tissues to regenerate tissue, and typically healing is more comfortable and faster than conventional surgery. Instead of taking several days or weeks out of your life for surgery and healing, you only need a couple hours to a couple days.

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