March 17, 2018

Gum Disease Treatment - Laser Gum TreatmentIn the past, the only way to treat gum disease was with surgery. Gingivoplasty, gingivectomy and gingival flap surgery all require the dentist to cut into the gum tissue, and while effective, surgery does necessitate a longer recovery time afterward. These days, our dental practice uses laser dentistry in Bethel, CT whenever we can to give patients a more pleasant experience.

Many Patients Qualify

Not everyone is a candidate for periodontal laser therapy. However, if you have one of the following oral conditions, then you have a greater likelihood of qualifying.

  • Gingival overgrowth due to taking medications
  • Gingival pockets that cannot stay open during surgery
  • Gingival pockets with depths in excess of four millimeters
  • Patients with otherwise inoperable pockets

Laser gum treatment is also recommended for patients who experience dental anxiety. It may also be best for young children who may be frightened at the prospect of undergoing surgery.

It Decreases Discomfort

While anesthesia would be used for traditional surgery, the pressure, heat, and vibrations would still create a certain amount of discomfort in patients. However, laser dentistry in Bethel, CT often does not necessitate anesthetic at all. Additionally, while laser therapy will not completely eliminate bleeding during the procedure, it does significantly reduce it to increase comfort.

It Necessitates Fewer Visits

For certain surgeries, you may require referrals to other dental professionals to ensure everything was taken care of. By using laser gum treatment, you can get everything done at one office in one visit. This allows you to save time, so you do not have to take more time off work or school than you need to.

We Are the Place To Call

Dr. Joann Perrotta and Dr. Ken SanGiacomo offer laser gum treatment to patients who want to improve their smiles with minimal discomfort. Call (203) 743-5600 to schedule an appointment or visit online today if you suspect you have gum disease in Bethel, CT. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to treat your condition. Call today!



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