October 9, 2018

It’s vital to have an experienced periodontist treat gum disease as soon as you notice the most apparent symptoms. You need immediate treatment when you suffer from loose teeth, bad breath, pain while chewing and puffy gum tissue. Many factors can contribute to the develpoment of these problems, such as tobacco use and hormonal changes. However, our periodontist in Ft. Lauderdale will need to consider whether you have a history of diabetes when coming up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

The Link Between Periodontitis and Diabetes

Individuals who suffer from diabetes have a greater chance of developing oral health complications. Diabetics typically have higher blood sugar levels than their peers, which leads to numerous health complications. Additionally, diabetes also causes the blood vessels to thicken. Ordinarily, all the muscles and tissue in your body receive nutrients through the bloodstream, but when the blood vessels are thicker than usual, the blood slows down. It takes longer for essential components to reach the tissue, which makes the gum tissue in your mouth more prone to infection.

Ways To Protect Gum Tissue From Diabetes

While diabetics have an increased risk of developing gum disease, there are several ways to have healthy oral structures even with diabetes. The best actions to take involve brushing, flossing and using mouthwash every day. However, it is paramount for diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels down through insulin, oral medications and a healthy diet.

Our Periodontist Is Here To Aid Diabetics

In the event you suffer from diabetes, you need to inform Dr. McCawley and the rest of the dental professionals at our office. The condition will impact what treatments will work best for you, and it is important we know that information in case we need to prescribe you any medication. Contact our office regularly for appointments so that you can be confident your gum tissue remains healthy.



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