March 20, 2019

For many periodontal patients, gum grafts are a big question mark. People understand they are good treatments for gum recession once the infection that caused it is cleared up, but many patients don’t understand whether their case is one that would benefit from a gum graft. The fact is, if you’ve had any significant gum recession and you’re in otherwise good health, restorative treatment will help. Do you need a graft? That depends on your case. Either way, our periodontist in Ann Arbor, MI can help assess your case and plan for treatment.


What Causes Gum Recession?


The primary cause of receding gums is gum disease, either gingivitis or periodontal disease. Any recession caused by gingivitis should be treatable without gum grafting, but changes to the mouth from periodontal disease are permanent unless there’s reconstruction. That’s when a gum graft is appropriate, but it takes a one-on-one consultation to determine whether that’s happened for any individual patient.


Keeping Your Gums Healthy After Treatment


Repairing receding gums is vital to the health of many patients, but they only benefit if they keep gum disease from coming back. Otherwise, the same condition will result in the same symptoms again. Luckily, as your periodontist, Dr. Katranji offers a variety of treatments designed to keep symptoms at bay so you can enjoy a healthy smile.


  • Periodontal cleanings
  • Laser dentistry
  • Gum grafts
  • Pinhole surgical procedures
  • Dental implants
  • Bone grafting


Make Your Appointment Today


If you’re looking for a way to get back to your old smile, talk to us about what we can do. Our office offers second opinions on prior diagnoses as well as innovative treatments designed to bring back the smile you recognize from your old photos. All you must do is contact our staff during regular business hours and tell us what you need. We’ll take it from there, making it easy for you to access the treatment you need whenever you need it.



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