March 16, 2017

Even though three in four adults experience some form of gum disease, there are many common misconceptions about the causes and treatments. Learning more about what causes tooth decay and oral health issues is an important part of prevention. If you do have tooth loss or other issues, Dr. Chris Hutton is an experienced periodontist who can restore your teeth and gums first, and then help you create a plan to keep them healthy.

Fact: Good Oral Hygiene Is Essential

Daily brushing and flossing are not optional when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Eating a balanced diet high in calcium and low in sugar is also important for preventing gingivitis and tooth loss.

Fiction: Losing a Tooth Is Permanent

If you have a lost a tooth from decay or trauma, there are several treatments to restore your smile to its natural beauty. Dr. Hutton can install custom dental implants that look natural, feel comfortable, and protect the rest of your teeth and gums from future damage.

Fact: Gum Disease Is Treatable

If you notice sensitivity or bleeding in your gums, it is important to take care of it right away to prevent it from becoming a serious issue. Dr. Hutton is an expert at treating gum disease in Racine, WI, and he offers the LANAP® laser protocol, which for many patients offers reduced discomfort and recovery time compared to traditional surgery.

Fiction: Visiting a Periodontist Is Frightening

Many people find visits to a dental office uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing, but there are many ways to improve the experience. Dr. Hutton offers several options for sedation that can help you remain calm and comfortable during your procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

Whether you are suffering from gum disease, tooth loss, or simply need a routine check-up and cleaning, Dr. Hutton and his staff are here to help. Call our office for a consultation to determine the state of your oral health and learn about the treatments we offer. Take the first step to a healthy smile today.



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