January 4, 2019

Gum disease patients who experience gum recession have more options today than they have ever had before. Traditional surgical techniques, laser surgeries and therapies, and specialized surgical processes like the Pinhole Surgical Technique allow for treatment to be custom-tailored to each person’s needs. If you are looking for a periodontist in Manhattan, NY, who can help you stop gum recession in its tracks, it’s important to understand your options.

What Makes the Pinhole Surgical Technique Preferable?

Traditional surgery has been proven effective in the removal of infected gum tissue. Periodontists typically remove a portion of healthy tissue with the infected pieces to ensure they have everything, but they do work to minimize tissue loss. Therapies to graft new tissue in place or to otherwise stimulate regrowth are usually used afterwards, and most patients have satisfactory outcomes. The Pinhole Surgical Technique improves on this process in a few key ways.

It is minimally invasive, with an incision the size of a pinhole, so it also minimizes surgical pain and discomfort
It is as effective as or more effective than traditional surgery when its effectiveness is reviewed in clinical studies
This technique also minimizes the amount of tissue lost when infected tissue is removed, so it reduces the need for grafts and cosmetic procedures

For most patients, this option is the new go-to recommendation, because the reduced discomfort is incredibly attractive and the other outcomes are well-documented for this process.

Other Gum Recession Treatments

For some patients with minimal recession, regular cleanings and careful oral care may be all that’s needed to preserve a healthy smile after surgery. For others, gum tissue stimulation or replacement might be in order. The good news is that this surgical procedure also has a very fast recovery time, so if follow-up therapies are indicated, you will be able to move on to them sooner. For more information, contact our office and make an appointment for a consultation.



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