June 25, 2018

The gums are an integral part of keeping your teeth in place. When pockets are formed between the teeth and the gums, infection can spread. This is also known as gum recession and occurs when gum disease is left untreated too long. As the structures of the bones and teeth are severely damaged, gum recession may lead to tooth loss.

This is a very common dental problem that many of our patients deal with, and many don’t notice how bad it is because gum recession progresses so gradually. Typically, patients start to notice tooth sensitivity or that the teeth seem longer than usual. If you start to notice the signs of gum recession, it’s not something you want to ignore.

How to Avoid Gum Recession

You can avoid gum recession by understanding the causes and realizing when it is time to seek the help of a periodontist in Southern Pines, NC. Some of the most common causes of this condition include:

  • Aggressive tooth brushing: Gum recession is often caused when teeth are brushed the wrong way or too hard for too long and the enamel wears off.
  • Genetics: Researchers believe that close to 30 percent of the population has a genetic predisposition for gum disease, no matter how well their teeth are cared for.
  • Hormonal changes: During pregnancy, puberty or menopause, women deal with fluctuating hormone levels that can contribute to gum recession.
  • Poor dental care: Teeth should be brushed twice a day, flossed once a day and cleaned by a professional at least twice a year to avoid gum disease and prevent gum recession.
  • Periodontal disease: Gum disease, also known as periodontitis or gingivitis can also destroy the bone and tissue that holds the teeth in place if left untreated.

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To prevent bone and tooth loss, it is vital that gum disease is treated early, and a professional examines the teeth regularly. Dr. Van Scoyoc is extensively experienced in dealing with gum recession and offers a variety of treatments that meet the needs of every patient. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.



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