August 2, 2018

Many people lose teeth as a result of trauma or gum disease. Either way, the individual should schedule an appointment to see our dentist right away. There are many risks associated with missing teeth, and it is best for people to take care of the problem now rather than later.

Reduced Self-Confidence

When people lose teeth, they often smile less. They become self-conscious about their smiles, and this can make social interactions much more awkward if you constantly have to hide your smile when you laugh or talk.

Crooked Teeth

Even if a person has perfectly aligned teeth, those structures can move out of positions when even one tooth is lost. The other teeth try to fill the void, and when teeth become crooked, they become much more difficult to brush.

Eating Issues

Certain foods become much more difficult to chew and eat when a molar is lost. Molars are designed to grind food, and people often cannot eat tough meat and raw vegetables as easily as before. This leads to a change in diet, and people with missing teeth often rely more on processed foods, which are not as healthy.

Jawbone Deterioration

The jawbone holds teeth in place, and the roots of teeth provide stimulation to the jawbone tissue. Without that root, that portion of the jaw begins to deteriorate. The bone tissue becomes resorbed back into the body, and over time, this leads to a more sunken appearance in the face.

There Are Many Rewards To Gain When You Visit Our Office

All of these oral health issues can be circumvented when you pay a visit to the office of Dr. Tilman Richards. After a dental restoration, you will be able to smile wide and big with a newfound sense of confidence. Contact our office today to see if you qualify for dental implants!



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