July 20, 2018

Gums Receiving LANAP® Laser Treatment For Gum DiseaseIt’s summer, and that means warm weather food and recreation, vacations, and camping! It also means lots of fun summer photos of you and your family out and enjoying the weather. If gum disease in Houston, TX has changed your smile and you’re looking to turn back the clock, treatments from a periodontist like Dr. Friedberg will give you that healthy smile back while making it easier to enjoy summer foods like corn on the cob and ribs.

How to Treat Gum Disease

When the gums become infected, healthy tissue is slowly consumed by bacteria, resulting in the recession of the gums and in advanced stages of gum disease, eventual loss of teeth. Symptoms include painful gums, receding gums, bleeding gums, chronic halitosis (bad breath), and lost teeth. Gum disease treatments generally do one of a few things for patients, depending on what stage of gum disease recovery they are in and which symptoms they exhibit.

  • Periodontal maintenance provides check-ins about symptoms and monitors the progress of gum disease to determine if more treatment is necessary.
  • Treatments for infected tissue vary, but one thing they all have in common is the removal of diseased gum tissue so that healthy gum tissue can regrow.
  • There are also therapies to stimulate the growth of that tissue when minor loss has occurred. More major tissue loss can often be treated by grafts and recontouring.
  • Last but not least, patients who have advanced gum disease symptoms frequently need reconstructive options like dental implants or LANAP® laser treatment to restore their healthy smiles.

Make an Appointment for Gum Disease Treatment

The longer you wait to seek gum disease treatment, the more profound your symptoms are going to be, and the bigger the impact on your oral health and overall health. Don’t wait to take care of your gums. Preserve the healthy smile you’re known for, contact our periodontist, Dr. J. Robert Friedberg at Friedberg Periodontics to make an appointment for gum disease treatment in Houston, TX. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you have about how to prepare for the consultation appointment. Call the office at (281) 674-7754 or make an appointment online. Contact us today!



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