January 18, 2017

Over the years, have you noticed a change in your teeth and gums? The change might have been dramatic, such as the loss of a tooth. Alternately, it might have been relatively subtle, like slight reddening of the gum tissues.

In all cases, you should take these changes in your body as indicators that you may need help beyond the capabilities of your current dental provider. Dentists have many years of training, and periodontists go to school for even longer to learn how to deal with problems like gum disease.

If you notice any of these signs, it is definitely time to pick up the phone and call a periodontist in Wooster, OH, or your home city:

  • Chronic bad breath. You try everything you possibly can, but your bad breath will not go away. Could it be more than what you are eating? Absolutely. Many times, chronic halitosis (bad breath) is an early, and quite noticeable, symptom of gum disease.
  • Bleeding gums. Have your gums begun to bleed without stopping immediately, even if you do very little to irritate them? Your bleeding gums are telling you that something is amiss. In normal life, gums should not bleed profusely or often unless they are exposed to a trauma.
  • Red gums. While gum tissues should definitely be pink, they should not be bright red. Reddened gums, whether along the entire gum line or a portion of the gum line, are cause for concern… and an appointment with a periodontist.
  • Swollen gums. Like red gums, swollen gums are not ordinary. Gums do not swell unless they are irritated or diseased.
  • Gums with oozing pus. Pus that comes from the space in between the teeth and gums is an indication of a potentially serious infection. Allow a periodontist to examine your mouth and make an evaluation.
  • Loose teeth. Healthy teeth do not become loose. If you are eating properly and are otherwise healthy, but your teeth are beginning to be “wiggly”, you need to find a periodontist you can trust.
  • Teeth that are falling out. If your teeth start to fall out, you need immediate care. Even if you are not a patient of our periodontist in Wooster, OH, please contact us right away if you have this issue that could be caused by progressive gum disease.

Not familiar with going to a periodontist? Not a problem! You can self-refer to our office anytime, and we will be happy to add you as a new patient.



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