February 5, 2019

Periodontal patients know they need every advantage if they’re going to turn the tide in their fight against gum disease. That’s why it’s important every patient trying to combat this condition knows about laser gum surgery and the benefits it can bring over more traditional methods of removing infected tissue.

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Advantages of Laser Gum Treatment

There are reasons to choose traditional surgical methods to remove infected tissue sometimes, but for many patients, laser treatment offers clear advantages that include greater comfort.

  • Laser surgery is pain-free, with only minimal discomfort. Many patients report it is more comfortable than a cleaning, even.
  • This treatment preserves all of your healthy tissue while removing all of the infection.
  • Laser treatment is noninvasive and may be preferable for patients with bleeding conditions
  • It’s fast and easy, with no need for full sedation for most patients
  • Laser treatment can be repeated as needed if your gum disease proves difficult to control

How Laser Gum Surgery Fits Into a Treatment Plan

Fighting gum disease involves a multifaceted approach to your oral health. We understand that, and so does Dr. Amato. That’s why laser surgery is supported with regular periodontal cleanings for patients. This allows the doctor to check up and make sure the infection has not flared back up. For patients whose disease progress involves gum recession or missing teeth, reconstructive techniques like dental implants and gum tissue rejuvenation may also be in order.

Each patient has unique needs, because each case is different. When you make us your periodontist in Trumbull, CT, you get the support you need to treat your current symptoms and the assurance that you’re working with a forward-thinking office that works hard to make new treatments available as their promise is proven. Contact us today to make an appointment, and find out what we can do to turn back the progression of your gum disease symptoms.



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