September 19, 2017

Diabetes is a serious disease which affects many Americans. Most people are aware that it affects the heart, kidneys and eyes, but what they may not realize is how their oral health might be affected by diabetes. High blood sugar compromises your resistance to infections, which is essentially what gum disease is. High blood sugar increases your risk for periodontal disease. However, treating gum disease can help you control your blood sugar.

 Why LANAP® Is a Good Treatment Option

 Laser gum surgery is an effective treatment for gum disease in Houston, TX, even if you don’t have diabetes. Diabetes often causes the healing process to be slower and it increases your susceptibility to developing post-op infections.  But when you deal with a chronic illness, LANAP® is better than traditional treatment because:

  • The laser destroys bacteria which causes post-treatment inflammation
  • Typically, no pain medication is required
  • No sutures, which need to heal
  • No cutting and no bandages

In addition, there is generally decreased tooth sensitivity and no loss of healthy tissue. Many LANAP® patients are able to hold on to their own teeth. Most people are able to resume their normal schedule the same day following treatment.

Things to Discuss Before Treatment

When you visit your periodontist, you should make sure you talk about your diabetes and your A1C before treatment. If you take insulin, you may need to adjust the dosage and your meal schedule on the day of treatment. It’s better to get non-emergency dental procedures when your blood sugar is under control, but it may not always be possible to wait. Your provider will have to decide what is best for you.

Call our office at (281) 674-7754 to make an appointment today with Dr. Friedberg in Houston, TX to discuss your oral health and find solutions that work to restore your smile and prevent future teeth damage. Diabetes may increase your risk for oral diseases, but it doesn’t mean you have to succumb. By getting treatment of periodontal disease early, you can keep your teeth and enjoy the confidence of having a beautiful mouth.



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