November 21, 2018

Gum Disease is serious and has severe consequences whenever it is left untreated. There’s no reason to put off treatment though and interventions during the early stages of the disease can prevent permanent changes to your smile. The key is developing an ongoing relationship with a periodontist such as Dr. Alex Volchonok in Manhattan, NY, who can help you monitor your condition. Dr. Volchonok will treat the symptoms before they get to the point where you have to worry about periodontitis.

Treatments for Gum Disease

There are a variety of options for patients at different stages of gum disease.

  • Periodontal cleaning is designed to monitor your health and prevent the advancement of the plaque that carries the infectious bacteria.
  • LANAP laser cleaning can remove infected tissue with a gentle laser treatment
  • The pinhole surgical technique allows the doctor to remove infected tissue with minimal discomfort, even when the gum disease is advanced.
  • Bone regeneration provides patients the opportunity to reverse the damage from periodontitis, allowing for the use of dental implants and helping to improve the patient’s smile and quality of life
  • Gum recession treatments to help regrow lost tissue where possible

Stop the Progress of Gum Diseases at Any Stage 

Living with gingivitis or periodontitis can be difficult, especially as symptoms progress. Once the disease reaches the point where tooth loss occurs, some changes are permanent, but there are restorative processes. The key is to start treatment now, no matter what stage your symptoms are at. That way, you can arrest the progress of the disease and turn back any symptoms that are still reversible.

For more information about your treatment options, you’ll need to talk to Dr. Volchonok about the detailsof your case. Contact our office today for more information, and learn how you can take control of your life and rejuvenate your smile. With dental implants, it’s even possible to replace missing teeth without worrying about new diet restrictions.



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