October 31, 2018

Gum disease treatment is vital to the health of anyone who develops symptoms of gingivitis or other gum infections. That’s because untreated gum disease develops into long-term periodontal disease which can a condition that causes permanent changes to patients’ smiles and lifestyles. Prompt treatment from a periodontist in Southern Pines, NC, can turn back the tide on gum disease symptoms before any permanent changes occur. Regular check-ups and cleanings can also help you make sure they don’t reurn.

What About Advanced Gum Disease? 

If you do have advanced symptoms before diagnosis, there are still several very effective options. The LANAP laser gum treatment has been shown to work on even the most advanced gum disease cases, and it is still minimally invasive in those cases. This means patients with very advanced symptoms can count on all the advantages of LANAP:

  • Minimal discomfort
  • Fast recovery times
  • Removes infected tissue
  • Works equally well on advanced and early gum disease
  • Laser treatment produces minimal physical side effects

Patients with persistent gum disease often find effective treatment involves periodically repeating the procedure. Prevention and care can often keep gum disease from coming back, but in persistent cases, a minimally invasive procedure with a fast recovery time is ideal for most patients.

What Does Minimally Invasive Mean?

It means you won’t have to worry about large incision sites healing or long recovery times. Just like it sounds. Minimally invasive procedures need only a small opening if they use one at all, and since they disturb less tissue than traditional methods, they are very often preferred by patients and doctors alike.

If you’re interested in pursuing LANAP as a gum disease treatment, contact our office so we can set an appointment for your consultation. Once Dr. Van Scoyoc reviews your case with you, you’ll have a better idea about what you can expect from this procedure. Our dental professionals are ready to help during regular business hours, so call today.



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