December 19, 2017

While you might try and prevent gum-related issues as best you can, sometimes, gum disease in Chesapeake, VA becomes inevitable. Luckily, when you see a dentist at our office, many treatment options are available to you, so you can restore the health of your gums and smile.

Treatment Options

When patients with gum disease visit our office, we usually recommend one of two treatment options. These include:

  1. Laser Gum TherapyDuring this form of treatment, we use a laser to access and remove inflamed gum tissue that exists near the root of a tooth. When this infected tissue is eliminated, the root of the tooth becomes exposed and we scale the area. We then scrape off calculus and plaque that exists below the gum line and smooth the area to prevent future infections.
  2. Gingivectomy—During a gingivectomy, all or a portion of the gum surrounding a particular tooth is removed. This removes the diseased tissue, and once it is over, the remaining gums are reattached to the area.

Know that both of these treatment options are for advanced gum disease, and if the damage is not yet severe, other steps can be taken to restore the affected area.

Future Prevention

The most important step you can take to prevent serious gum disease is to brush your teeth regularly. While twice a day is recommended, it is also a good idea to brush after meals to remove plaque and food debris between your gums.

Flossing, using mouthwash, and seeing a dentist at our office on a regular basis are additional steps you should take to prevent the onset of gum disease.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Our office wants to help you avoid gum disease and ultimately ensure the health of your teeth and gums for years to come. For more information about the procedures we use to treat severe gum disease contact Dr. Karen Parvin and schedule your next appointment today.



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